A New Begining


I have been on Tumblr for about 3 years now and I have definitely gone through a myriad of emotions during my time on this site. However as of today I am going to stop using this account and I am starting over. There has been so many changes in my life since starting this that I have decided to relaunch this so to speak. So head over to http://da-quikionary.tumblr.com/ for my new blog, it’ll be cool I promise lol. 

An Update III

I think I may stop doing these. I started because of MC, however shes gone. She’s gone and I doubt she’ll ever be back. Now I have someone new, someone much more wonderful. I dont need to pour my emotions on this anymore. It may have taken a year but Im finally happy. I finally found someone that wants me as much as I want them. The love we have found is real. I had to wade through so much crap, to get to this point, but Id do it all again. It was all a test, I finally feel happy with my life.  This is my senior year, I gotta make it count. The Brand New Day is over, and now we move on to something much bigger than we can comprehend. I cant wait.

Seventeen Candles

Love, is it weird to say anymore? Nah! Babe you show me so much of it, itd be weird not to say it. It’s you’re birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY P M W!!!!!!!! Last night was one of the best expierences of my life, the pure joy of your face was astounding. It took me a while to get all the pieces in place but it worked so well, I cannot complain. I wish I had pictures to show on here but alas I do not. lol Well that moment will always be displayed in my heart so I guess thats all that matters :) I love you so much, heres to many more!

Love & Predators

It was our first date… It was the first of many I might add. Shes so great I cant even describe this feeling Im having. When shes around its like nothing matters anymore Im so excited to see her everyday Its almost impossible not to smile around her. Just those feelings never stop. Mary always questioned how I felt, bet she knows Maybe she always has. I just cant wait to see where this takes us, Im so excited ;)


Today was so fun, Well most of it…. The parts that sucked happened in the morning where I had to serve pancakes to a ton of people at OHS but I found out from the “Saracho Nacho” that she may like me back… which makes me so happy! But I will wait it out and she how she feels :) Anyways after the pancakes where served, I met  Aints at the school and we went to the Preds game against the Red Wings. It was a blood thirsty brawl, that was so intense and so loud that it seemed like they were in the Stanley Cup. Although they lost, it was still spectacular and action packed. PMW was with her dad, so I couldnt see her (that would have made the day kick into overdrive, but I dont think she could have anyways) Myself and the Aints went to KFC for some chicken then I dropped his ass off at the school and drove home. That night I talked to her more but Im gonna be sad to go to FBLA so soon because I really want to see her again. I just will have till the 6th!

April Fools! But Seriously….

Today, I told her I liked her, which I do… a lot accually. I kinda think I always have, Since that day at Taco Bell. We sat across from each other and it was like No one else was there. Love at first sight, could be…. I hope. Thats gotta be one of the scariest things Ive done with a girl in a while. I want her to know I mean everyword and if she doesnt I hope that we can still be friends. But I have a feeling she’s what I need…